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Having recently welcomed a new Golden Retriever puppy into our own home, we know only too well about the ups and downs of raising a new puppy.

Early socialisation is the key to a happy and friendly pup, so we’ve introduced an early finish vaccination program that allows them to safely start socialising at a much early age than has previously been possible.

We recommend a visit soon after your puppy comes home, so that we can fully examine them to make sure they’re healthy.

At this visit, we’ll help you though the minefield of information you will have received and set you and your pup up for a healthy and happy life with their new family.


New kittens are bundles of fun and settle into their new home very quickly.

Many have come from shelters full of cats looking for adoption so should have received their first vaccinations and parasite control, which are extremely important to protect them from the illnesses that are easily transmissable between cats.

Given the prevalence of ‘cat flu’ we recommend a visit as soon as possible after you return home with them, so we can make sure they are healthy and that all their preventative treatments are up-to-date

Most kittens will end up spending some time outside the house, so we also recommend vaccinations for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)


With a focus on safe anaesthesia and the most modern pain relieving drugs, our advanced digital radiography and modern surgical equipment mean we can diagnose and treat an array of complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical conditions.

In orthopaedics, we are able to treat many conditions, from fixing broken bones through to joint surgery.

We have a keen interest in joint surgery, particularly cruciate ligament rupture in dogs performing both extracapsular and TPLO techniques for dogs of all sizes.

In soft tissue surgery, we perform everything from simple lump removals and desexing, through to complex skin reconstruction techniques for skin mass removals, abdominal surgery, gastro-intestinal and anal sac surgery, urogenital surgery and more.

Internal medicine - and more

Apart from being your pets GP –  we’re their internal medicine department, their ophthalmologist, their gynaecologist, their dermatologist, their immunologist, their radiologist and their dietician.

Dentistry is often overlooked as a source of problems for pets, who develop plaque, tartar and gum disease just like we do. Maintaining your pets’ dental health is one of the most important responsibilities of being a pet owner, so at every annual health examination we will perform a thorough dental exam. 

It’s highly likely that your pet will require dentistry at some point in their lives – and in this respect proactive prophylactic dentistry is vastly preferable to the discomfort they may feel due to rotting teeth.

But on occasions we will need to seek a second opinion – and if we can’t arrange a visiting specialist to see your pet in our hospital, we’ll refer you to one of the network of specialists in Melbourne.

aged care

Pets suffer from conditions of ageing too and often show very subtle signs of being ill or in pain. 

As they reach middle age it’s very important that we examine them every 6 months – and perform annual comprehensive blood tests to try to prevent illnesses from deteriorating to the point where treatment may become difficult.

Kidney, liver and thyroid disease are age-related problems, that diagnosed early, can now be very effectively managed to allow your friend to age gracefully, happily and comfortably.

Pets also become a bit chubby as they age which often predisposes them to arthritis. Our friendly team have a number of strategies to ensure that your pets maintain their optimal weight and can still go out and enjoy a trip to the park or beach without feeling the consequences.

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